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Patented Time on a Line not a Lobe Technology for greater time accuracy.
Time and Detect out and back route way points easily and economically.
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Both professionals and novices are able to use our Chip Timing and Lap Counting system with ease with accurate results in both time and counting laps. Orbiter is versatile in being able to be used for many situations ranging from Schools, Races, and Fitness testing. This is because our software is a tool that times any human powered event. Our detector hardware makes smart and autonomous decisions independent from live internet, ensuring that your recording of the race is safe from outside interference.

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Orbiter’s Tracking and Timing strength is producing an easy to use system for beginners as well as experts. As you read our references, many are from world champion athletes. In addition, others are from PE teachers and first time users too.

Our strength is expertise in both radio frequency hardware and software. By providing you a full solution, you gain superior service. Our people have been together for 20 years, since the mid 1990’s.

Additionally, our first billable was a RFID solution for the NASA’s Space Shuttle. This is where the Orbiter name came from. We use a a Penguin for a mascots because we tagged penguins in Argentina for a University of Washington study. We also built a Formula 1 Transponder for TAG Heuer, and many others.

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Big Races are back! Now races are easier to time with no mats or cables.

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