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    64 Bit     24 Volts     SPIRE Product Data     SPIRE Product Data    

    $ 1,995 timing hardware and $ 650 for software.

    600 locations Nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska utilizing PeopleReady Same price anywhere in the USA. Since 2006, making it easier for local & National Event Managers.


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    Orbiter Space Elevator “A Proven Design” Lean more


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    Orbiter’s Tracking and Timing strength is producing an easy to use system for beginners as well as experts. As you read our references, many are from world champion athletes. In addition, others are from PE teachers and first time users too.

    Our strength is expertise in both radio frequency hardware and software. By providing you a full solution, you gain superior service. Our people have been together for 20 years, since the mid 1990’s.

    Additionally, our first billable was a RFID solution for the NASA’s Space Shuttle. This is where the Orbiter name came from. We use a a Penguin for a mascots because we tagged penguins in Argentina for a University of Washington study. We also built a Formula 1 Transponder for TAG Heuer, and many others.

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    Import information for the timing industry: Localized Race Timing and Lap Counting software is heavily mathematical and energy use intensive. So much so that race timing is much more demanding that that required for internet on the CLOUD, as retail users do. Professional Trades people know to bring the right tools to the job site. For race timers this means using proper computes and updated software. Today using the newest processors, operating systems, and updated RFID reader embedded software are critical. Be aware there is a robust industry that sells refurbished U.S. Government computers. Often these claim high end microprocessors such as Intel i7 when they actually are already at end of life. You can quickly identify such computers as their cost is less than $ 800.00. Use of these computers cause great harm, as the system may lock up after a large number of participants or laps are timed. The good news with Orbiter is your race is safe inside the RFID reader, and such a mess can be sorted out later. HOWEVER, the slower recovery of results may burn your participants and your event reputation. This is why Orbiter rental units only use new Intel 7 processors. As a timer, you should do the same. The risk of purchasing discount computers is not worth the cost. Especially when you can purchase good new computers from a reliable supplier. These are Best Buy, COSCTCO, Office Depot or from the timing manufacture like Orbiter itself. A tip is never purchase a new computer with less than an Intel i7 computer. Or, save money and rent a system for $ 495.00 from Orbiter.

    Big Races are back! Now races are easier to time with no mats or cables.

    • Economic.
    • Easy to take equipment to race in a Chevy Equinox.
    • Registration: Thin Bibs that stack easily.
    • Quick Race Setup: In cold weather no freezing fingers screwing in and out cable connectors.
    • Software: Easy to use, No IP addressing. Just turn the machines on and the application computer on. No need for live connection between the two. Condition monitor the readers.
    • See Spectators & Runners migrating thru finish line randomly. Best that they are not there, but Orbiter is forgiving.
    • Easy to turn the detectors in opposite direction from Start to Finish line..
    • Runners can wear bibs on their sides and back and still get a time.
    • Easy take down. No cleaning of mats for assemble and disassemble. Rugged all weather.
    • American Disabilities Act barrier free, and International Fire Marshal approved for use on side of roads.

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      Hi Norla,

      I am happy to say our marathon yesterday was a smashing success! The equipment worked beautifully and looked great!

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