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    "In the future side antennas will replace mat timing."
    - Large American Marathon.
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    Orbiter’s Tracking and Timing strength is producing an easy to use system for beginners as well as experts. As you read our references, many are from world champion athletes. Others are from PE teachers and first time users too.

    Our strength is expertise in both radio frequency hardware and software. By providing you a full solution, you gain superior service. Our people have been together for 20 years, since the mid 1990’s. Our first billable was a RFID solution for the NASA’s Space Shuttle. This is where the Orbiter name came from. We use a a Penguin for a mascots because we tagged penguins in Argentina for a University of Washington study. We also built a Formula 1 Transponder for TAG Heuer, and many others.

    Please continue reading our web page to learn more.

    It’s the easiest and quickest set up and take down in the Timing Industry. Time a race in the middle of a stadium on the 50 yard line. Notice there are no mats or cables. Your timing computer is far away in the press box and still communicates real time results.

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    A Reference from First time rental user ---

    Hi Norla,

    I am happy to say our marathon yesterday was a smashing success! The equipment worked beautifully and looked great!

    M Yaakov