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SPIRE Reader

$ 4,995.00 plus software.

Mobile RFID Race Reader w/ Side Antennas. The benefits of using Orbiter contrast that of mats due to our simple design. A standard mat system in contrast, would charge extra equipment such as cables, antennas, power supply and recharger. With Orbiter, everything you needed to measure and time races is all included. There’s no need to pay extra for the aforementioned equipment. Orbiter also comes with a built-in recharger with power indicator lights, 24 volt battery, and Wi-Fi with no need to pay extra for those either.

To use SPIRE for races, just simply roll it in place and turn on the system. It will automatically connect wirelessly to the computer. There’s no more wasting time with dirty mats, running cables, or building overhead structures for antennas. The all-in-one complete system just rolls into place.

Undoubtedly, no other side antenna is capable of tag positioning like Orbiter. This is because of how our RIC (Remote Intelligent Communication) software are already installed inside the RFID reader. RIC makes the traditional Plastic Pelican box detector obsolete. It allows you to position the RFID tag without having to worry about carrying any other accompanying equipment. This is why Orbiter is called a true “Space Age Timing,” with its tech and all-in-one design.

The SPIRE is proven to be ideal for bike races such as those used by elite events and Olympic time trials. It’s much better than mats systems unlike overhead structures and mats. This is in contrast with other systems, for it is easy and less expensive in setting up Orbiter. You can simply move it and set it down in where you want to time the racers. The Orbiter tag detection positioning provides better accuracy than any other. Additionally, way-point detection readers along the course are far easier to set up with Orbiter.

Additionally, race timers can buy two SPIRES and mix locations. Put one SPIRE at the Start/Finish and another SPIRE as a way-point to prove a competitor made the entire course. In big races, you can place two SPIRES at the Start/Finish line. This way, the beams overlap and you gain two watts of radio power right over the line. This is twice the power of a mat system that is one watt.

Only one SPIRE is needed for School Lap Counting.

A Microwave RFID SPIRE is used in motor sports and the military. Contrast that from SPIRE, most other active systems do not include rechargeable batteries. Our system is reusable without the hassle of constantly hooking the non-rechargeable machine to a power source. This leads to another important feature of SPIRE and that there is no cables. This is beneficial since the extended and spread out cables won’t obstruct the racers when running over it. This is all in part due to the rechargeable batteries powering SPIRE that’s independent from any extended cables.

The SPIRE has an automatic set-up. Just push a button to turn on.

  • Three minute easy setup.  Just set down, turn on, and run your race.
  • Eight hours rechargeable 24 volt DC battery life, dual AC (120 v and 220 v) with built in recharger and indicator lights.
  • Phased Detect Smart Antenna: controllable beam with first and last tag detect seen control.
  • Most time accurate RFID on the market as measured by USAF.
  • Can endure and withstand different terrains and climate ranging from mountains, deserts, and rainy environments.
  • SPIRE reader is designed for all weather operation and is stable in windy conditions. This is due to the weight of the LED acid 24-volt battery in the base. It allows the system itself to withstand any wind speeds. The SPIRE reader has wheels attached to make it easier to move it around.
  • 40 foot read range.
  • New 1,200 tag detections per second. Autonomous smart operation. Can be used with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Data Cellular.
  • Good for events ranging from small (85 people) to large (30,000+ people) events.
  • AGM batteries approved for airline transport.
  • Lightweight, only 29 pounds weight including batteries. 47″(H) x 17″(L) x 10″(W).

** Orbiter is also available as a rental with everything you need including laptop with pre-loaded timing software. Click here for our rental info.

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