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Elite Race timers use Orbiter to gain accurate times and lap counts. Professionals and novices are able to time any human powered event. They use our Chip Timing and Lap Counting system for Events, Schools, Races and Fitness testing. Professional easy chip timing & lap counting. This is because our software is a tool that times any human powered event. Our detector hardware is like a robot. It is smart and makes autonomous decisions. This means your race is safe as a live internet connection is not necessary.

All Side Antennas are not the same. Orbiter is the only company with phased detect antennas. These produce more accurate “on the finish line” times. They also eliminate the need for multiplexing. Mats use multiplexing where only one antenna is “on” at a time. Not only are mats difficult to set up, they have half the power output of Orbiter.

Most importantly, we made the heavy plastic pelican time detector other timers use obsolete. This makes our system highly portable and light weight. Plus, There are no antenna cables to assemble and disassemble. The copper inside is delicate and frays. They become out of tune and must be replaced. Orbiter system is rugged. We have systems are still in use after 10 years even when dropped often. This provides economy and value. There are no stands, separate boxes, or other to stack lift and carry as with other systems.

Professional Easy Chip Timing & Lap Counting

Timing is really about producing accurate rich robust results. These show on Phones, displays, tablets, laptop and shown in real time or downloaded later in logging mode.

Additionally, Customers buy Orbiters in 33 Countries. Race Timers use Orbiters at thousands of Events, hundreds of Schools, and many Military bases and Police agencies.

Lastly, Orbiter timers are leading world class professionals. Many are former World and National champions. Orbiter equipment is used today in sanctioned world class events.

From the start, ease is our primary objective. Whether you are a professional sports timer focused on accuracy and economy, or a physical education teacher interested in simplicity and ease of use, you are both key to our success. You will be able to setup and take down quickly. People like the simplicity of No boxes, mats, cables and overhead structures. Professional easy chip timing & lap counting.

So easy to use Novices rent our light weight system and time events successfully. In fact Orbiter is the only successful rental product due to it’s 3 minute set up and ease of use. There are only three tings to remember: turn the machine on, know who you gave the bibs to, and make the Orbiter beep at the finish. Do this and 100% your race is safe.

Anyone Can Time a Race

Reference: “The Bristow 24 Hour Run uses the Orbiter Bollard reader to accurately and reliably record over 2000 laps our runners complete with no read errors. Both the runners and the timing officials appreciate the beep that tells them that their lap was recorded. The rental option means that we always have an up to date system with no maintenance needs, and we don’t need a secure storage area. The system shows up a week before race day when we review setup and operation with Orbiter by phone. The Orbiter folks are available throughout the race for questions. After the race, the system is returned, prepaid, in the same shipping box. No question – we’ll be back for our next race.” – Ed Wilson, Event Manager

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