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Equipment Rental Information

Rent for $ 495.00 shipping in North America Included.

This is the only RFID chip timing system that is successfully rented to first time users. It’s so easy to use that anyone can time a race. There are no cables or mats to set up. We built the rental specifically for you. Our product is even used at Olympic Training Centers.

Orbiter is able to rent you timing equipment because it’s simple to use and the set up is fast. The equipment is light and compact. This eliminates the need for mats, overhead structures, and heavy time detector control boxes.

Orbiter equipment weighs just 15 pounds. It can be transported in your car and is approved for airline travel.

Our complete system ships in a convenient luggage case with everything you need. This includes the SLING Reader, laptop with pre-loaded software, and RFID bibs with electronic files. Instructions are included and free instructions can be found online. 

You will receive the rental unit the Wednesday before the race. We recommend 40 minutes of over-the-phone instruction three days prior to your event. We also recommend a 20 minute refresher the day before the event. Orbiter technical assistance is available by phone before during and after your event.

To have a successful race: (1) Turn on the Orbiter (2) Know who you giving the bibs to (3) Get a beep at the finish from each participant. Administration of the timing software may be done before, during, and after the race. Downloading race data from the SLING to the laptop may happen in logging mode with or without a live connection. 

There are many features that protect your race, including a non-volatile reader memory. A generator is not required because the standard Orbiter battery lasts eight hours. The SLING battery lasts four hours. Additionally, longer battery time may be gained or AC power may be used.    

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