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Worlds' Best Lap Counting with Split Times
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    Worlds' Best Lap Counting with Split Times
    Send Remitance to: Orbiter Inc., PO BOX 295, 105 112th St S, Parkland, WA 98444
    Physical Address: Orbiter Inc. 13500 Pacific Ave S. Parkland, WA 98444

    $ 1,995 timing hardware and $ 650 for software.

    600 locations Nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska utilizing PeopleReady Same price anywhere in the USA. Since 2006, making it easier for local & National Event Managers.

    Chip Inlay and Bib

    The same high quality RFID inlays as used by the New York Marathon at the lowest cost.

    Transponder (chip inlay) and Bib may be purchased separately or together. Not only is the benefit in owning a Orbiter CORT’s (Certified Orbiter Race Timers) keeps you competitive. But it also provides you the worlds’ lowest transponder price at $.05 each in a roll of 5,000. We found that Orbiter differs from an expensive German-like machine encoding with its complicated system. Our manual encoding of the RFID chip when placed on the bib are more superior, cheaper, and easier to use.

    With the Orbiter system, there’s no need to worry about placing the wrong chip on the wrong bib. This is because of how our system works in you placing a blank RFID inlay on the bib. You can set the encoder counter and it starts incrementing up from there. Check sum quality control assures your numbers are correct. No need to worry about mechanical breakdowns with the Orbiter system. Only savings!

    Learn how you too can become a CORT by simply emailing us at info@orbiter.com/

    The enrollment machine allows writing and rewriting on tags with your unique ID. Or you can incrementally count the tags automatically for bib numbers when passed through the Enroller. This is unique in the timing industry, since many timing equipment manufacturers do not allow writing your own tag IDs. Call for quotes.

    Or as an option, the customer may purchase the transponder pre-applied onto bibs. Included is the electronic file that is used by the application software. Most customers purchase this option as there is no minimum purchase requirement.

    For full service, you may purchase custom colored and designed bibs with the transponder and everything included. Safety pins extra.

    RFID Bib tags

    The tags have special foam paired to works together with the radio signal from the reader.

    Orbiter tests each tag prior to sale and found that many GEN II Standard tags operate differently. For example, several suppliers tags consistently have 1/3 the read range compare to ours. A small percentage do not even have identifiers on the tags. Without adequate working tags, you might have to postpone the race because of the lack of workable timing equipments. Using Orbiters pre-tested tags ensures excellent working RFID bibs without fear of malfunctions.

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