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Event Types & RFID Race Timing Setup Variations

RFID Race Timing Setup Variations. The Orbiter can be configured to time any human powered event. It is the only system in the world that can set up quickly, and with a wireless connection in any configuration.  Just set the Orbiter down and turn on.  No IP addressing necessary.  The system has a flexibility that no other system can offer.

For example, only Orbiter can do “PATH” races. These are races that have many detectors which can be placed randomly around a mountain or location. In PATH races Participants are challenged to gain a tag detect at all detectors. Only Orbiter can deploy instantly with a press of the on button. Then track participants from detector to detector “live”. The data is broadcast back to the server by cell or satellite connection.

With a mat systems or overhead structure methods is not possible to do a PATH. One reason is the equipment is just too bulky and heavy./>

The same principle applies to Triathlons. With Orbiter timing a Triathlon is a snap. Not only is the equipment quick and easy to use, so is the software. Novices now can time a Triathlon, call and let us show you./>

Event Types - Orbiter 2014-08-20 12-17-22

Event Types - Orbiter 2014-08-20 12-17-22

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