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Orbiter Detector Set Up & Placement

This video shows the Orbiter hardware set up.  Detail photos are shown below as to where to place the Orbiter readers.

Road Race Set-up for Orbiter SPIRE and SLING Detectors:

The tag detection zone on the Orbiter shines forward from the orange bollard like a flash light.   There is no tag detection on the back of the Orbiter reader.  Forward of the reader the bib or wrist tag is detected on the out side edge of the radio lobe.  Tag detects can be set for  “first tag detect seen” or”last tag detect seen”.  This is based on the type of the race.  (Running races are usually First Tag Detect seen, and Bike races are typically Last Tag Detect seen.)  

Time accuracy has been measure to 1/100th second by objective third parties.  

The size of the read zone depends on tag size and the reader type (SPIRE or SLING).

How To Set-up a Start Finish Line

Go to the hardware store and purchase washable spray paint, two stakes, and chord.  Spray the Start Finish line as shown in this picture.

Next, Calibrate tag detection on the line.

This is done by having a volunteer hold the tag up right over the start / finish line prior to the race.  Move the detectors back and forth and angle slightly until the tag “Beep” is on the line. You will get the detection to happen exactly on the start / finish line.

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