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If considering a Mat System, read this:

The picture below shows an example of a large race mat system being nailed down. This is to prevent the mat from being a trip hazard. Each row of mats can be ten times the weight of one Orbiter. Mats have up to 29 components to assemble and disassemble after each race. They must be cleaned because dirt gets on the antenna. They then likely do not function properly, which create lots of unnecessary work. Plus, most mats need a package truck and several people to set up.

To keep up with the flow at large races, two to three rows of mats need to be used. Because of Orbiter’s proven side antenna method there is only one start line and time is more accurate than mats. Plus, Orbiter is different from other side antennas because we use phased detect antennas that create a line not a lobe. We have the ability to position on the tag which no other company can do. And, we operate at 24 DC volts. It is an electrical engineering fact that RFID readers are more effective at higher design voltage. This is a principle of all electronic devices. Power at the highest rated voltage for more efficient operation.

A USA Marathon manager in Boston predicted, “future is side antennas, and mats will no longer be used.”

One Timing manufacture with foldable plastic mats who for years criticized side antenna technology, is now coming out with side antennas. This validates the Orbiter approach. Yet even now, they lack phased detect antennas, high voltage, and the ability to position on a tag. Plus they use their timing computers in the Cloud when problems arise. With our system, we are the most superior and efficient even before their adoption of side antennas.



Mats take a long time to lay down. Orbiter side antenna detectors are better way-points because they set up so quickly and are more economical.

Notice the bent leading edge of the foldable mat.

When used in muddy environments, mat systems requires disassembly to clean and then place back again. This includes the internal parts and hinges, especially when you have to put the many parts back together. As you can see, this particular process takes too many time to be efficient. Orbiter on the other hand, with its set up and take down easily done in 3 minutes. No cleaning required, because our side antenna system are not laid down like mats where it’ll gather mud.

Another benefit to note is that Orbiter’s three triathlon readers can easily be packed in one suitcase for easy transport. With the batteries approved for Airline Travel, you can truly be global with Orbiter.

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