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Orbiter Software Setup

Orbiter Software Setup. The short videos on this page show you how to set up the Blast (Orbiter 3) easy to use Software. You can time any human powered event with Orbiter3. The Wave Software (Orbiter 4 Pro) layout is similar but has more functions such as “Last Tag Detect”, “Wave Starts”, “Event Planner”, “Geo Positioning”, “Social Media”, “Tweeting Results”, and more. Follow along with each video to find out how to set up a race timing event. Please note that you may use a tablet with Wi-Fi to operate the reader too.  The Yellow Military long range radio (2 mile range) shown is optional as the internal wi-fi in your computer works too for ease of use.  The Orbiter software is set up by tabs for each section. Each tab in the software has a video so you can jump to a particular video for a specific tab if you need instructions on just that tab.

The Orbiter Computer and software can work both in real time and logging mode. Logging mode means the computer does not need to be at the race itself, but can be used after the race. This makes it easy as no computer is necessary at the race site. All race information such as bib assignments may be input after the race, during the race or before the race.

Secondly, the yellow military Wi-Fi radio has a 2 mile line of sight range (300 yards is best). This means you can have your Orbiters farther away away from race registration and administration.

Thirdly, Orbiter has the ability to “Copy – clone” races and tag associations for quick set up for repeats of weekly race series. And, Orbiter is the only software with “Reprocessing” so you can fix a race after the fact in case you want to change settings, or start time.

#1 – Introduction

#2 – People Tab

#3 – Teams

#4 – Venues and Tracks

#5 – Tags

#6 – Assign People to Tags

#7 – Schedule Events

#8 – Add People to Events

#9 – Bollard Control

#10 – Start Event

#11 – Reports

#12a – Clone Events

#12b – Start Cloned Event

#13 – Backup and Restore

#14 – Race Reprocessing Feature

#15 – How to clone an event in the Orbiter chip timing software

#16 – Orbiter Software Quick Enrollment of Tags

#17 – Orbiter Used In Fund Raising Event

#18 – Orbiter Fire Fighter Stair Climber Event in Seattle

#19 – San Diego Pineapple Run

#20 – Physical Education
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