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    64 Bit     24 Volts     SPIRE Product Data     SPIRE Product Data    

    $ 1,995 timing hardware and $ 650 for software.

    600 locations Nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska utilizing PeopleReady Same price anywhere in the USA. Since 2006, making it easier for local & National Event Managers.

    Indoor Track

    Indoor Lap Counter and Timer $ 2,995.00 without Display.

    Your indoor track serves as one of the most expensive asset to install.

    Why not get the most out of it?

    The benefits of Orbiter is that it streamlines laps with its automatic counting that joggers don’t have to constantly count their own laps.

    In addition it can be used many times without waste which provides a motive for repeated use with virtual competitions.

    Cross Country Coaches use the Orbiter indoor system to keep accurate timing and to monitor their teams are in top condition.

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