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Orienteering Path Reader

Orienteering Path Reader

Price: $ 4,995.00 each. Buy four for $ 2,995.00 each. Buy 10 for $ 1,995.00 each.

Rugged Back Pack with extended 40 ft RFID read range. Ideal for Trail Runs because the detectors weight 18 lbs. and may be placed on remote trails from a mountain bike. The Path Reader may be set down on the ground for automated reads. No button pressing, insertion of proximity card, or manual intervention. The read distance is controllable for long range or close in detections. 8 Hours of battery life and up to 48 hours with optional battery pack. Benefit is high flow past reader with up to 250 passing at one time. No bottle necks as with other Orienteering detectors. Also, the ability to track participants in real time using data cellular connection back to the Start Finish computer in real time. Be creative with versatile set up allowing multiple PATHs for any order of detection to win a race. WI-FI and Manual download backup. Operates on 220 v or 120 v Ac / 24 volt DC.>/p>

Software comes with RIC (Remote Intelligent Communication) features using advanced “Space Age” condition monitoring. This means the event manager may see the status of all readers in real time along a course as long as there is cellular or satellite connectivity. Otherwise, the readers operate in logging mode and data downloaded at the operators convenience.

Ideal for Trail Running events, Obstacle Courses and Path Events. A Path Event is an event where many detectors are set out and compass course. A participant may determined order of detection between packs. The Path reader is useful for allocating resources such as refreshments and food on a a trail run. Walkers and runners dropping off the trail can be better predicted. Thus, resources in near real time may be allocated with resources purchased as they are needed. Also, Designed for desert, artic, or tropical operation.

Approved for Airline Travel and NEMA 4 Operation.

Optional Iridium Satellite Connectivity for Real Time results any where in the world.


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