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New Microwave Tag for Light Motorsports

Microwave RFID is better for timing motor sports. Orbiter created a new microwave tag for light motorsports. It has a quick set up and timing system. The initial release was for Electric Cars, KART and Enduro in May 2015. Furthermore, the work done in the early ’00’s for Formula 1 used Ultra Wide Band Pulse (UWBP) positioning. Orbiter built on that. It created a microwave transponder that accomplishes better results at a fraction of the cost.

Prior to the Orbiter microwave tag, state of the art in motorsports required a low frequency wire loop antenna. This was placed on the pavement at the start/finish line. This system required the antenna to be tuned. If metal from a race vehicle touched the antenna, it retuned. The low frequency transponders had to be positioned exactly on the race vehicle. This is within six to eight inches to the ground.

Now, for the first time, Orbiter provides a different solution at about a third of the cost. All of this is without the need to lay a wire loop antenna and tape the result to the pavement.  With the simple three minute set-up, Orbiter allows for accurate timing that is affordable to clubs.

Orbiter also provides economical transponders that last up to three years without a recharge. The microwave transponders are easily attached. Furthermore, they are strong and safe from the effects of placing them on metal. They can be placed most anywhere on the vehicle, as long as the transponder is facing forward.

The system is adjusted so that the transponders “beep” right on the start/finish line for accuracy. Competitive low frequency loop antennas detect eight to twelve feet forward of the start/finish line.

Finally, expected in the near future are full UWP transponders, available for Formula 1 and all motorized sports.

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