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Olympic Class Interval Timing now available

Olympic Class Interval Timing now available. Orbiter 4 Software updated for Track and Field “Interval Training”. Olympic coach Ken S. from the training center in Colorado Springs has helped Orbiter design a break thru Interval training tool. It is used for both winters and summer sports. Ken helped Orbiter enhance Orbiter 4 software. For the first time many athletes split times and lap times may be monitored individually at the same time. All this is done automatically. Orbiter lap counting is the most robust in the world because Space Age Phased Detect timing is used. Ken’s approach allows the coach to designate goals for each individual athlete and then instantly compare those split time goals with a result in real time. Using Orbiter’s tough tablet the results may be called out in real time as the athlete passes, or put into logging mode for review after the work out. This system is similar to the popular “Free Lap” but for many athletes at the same time. Orbiter Interval Timing complements Free Lap and does not replace it.

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