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Coaches Use Interval Timing Tool For Training

Olympic coaches use Interval split timing as a training tool.

Olympic coach Ken S, from the training center in Colorado Springs, has helped Orbiter design a breakthrough interval training tool. For the first time, the split times and lap counts for athletes are displayed instantly. All this is done automatically with Orbiter’s Space Age Technology. This approach allows the coach to designate goals for each individual athlete and the goals can be seen instantly during the training.

To add to the quick nature of the training tool, the software has a Clone button and with a single click, it “Clones” a past session and readies for another interval session. This feature that allows quick set up of back to back sessions. This means athletes do not need to wait while another session is set up.

When coaches uses use the interval timing tool, instantly there is improvement with athlete performance. Interval results are displayed in real time, which helps training run smoother.

Only Orbiter produces accurate laps counts and split times because we use a localized design. No internet is required. Cloud based systems have been found not reliable. Orbiter’s localized method and non-cloud based system works.

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