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Orbiter’s Competitive Advantage Over Barcode Lap Counters for Schools. Students run free without stopping to be scanned.

What is wrong with barcode lap counters for schools?   They have a cool web page. But, they show only a few students running past.   They don’t tell you this…

  1. They can’t handle the load of the average 650 student elementary schools as they pass the barcode readers.  Barcode scans are missed.
  2. Students run and stop, run and stop for every lap.
  3. SomePE teachers complain the barcode method teaches students how to run wrongly.
  4. They can’t automatically synchronize detection from multiple cell phones.  The CLOUD causes latency too and there are security questions.
  5. This causes more lost detections and lost lap counts.
  6. They can’t produce split times reliably.
  7. Sun is a big problem requiring shade to read the results from the tablet or cell phone displays.
  8. Volunteers quit and walk off randomly due to time pressure and other commitments.
  9. Kids skip the scans to avoid the lines so they can keep on running. 



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