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Worlds' Best Lap Counting with Split Times
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    Worlds' Best Lap Counting with Split Times
    Send Remitance to: Orbiter Inc., PO BOX 295, 105 112th St S, Parkland, WA 98444
    Physical Address: Orbiter Inc. 13500 Pacific Ave S. Parkland, WA 98444

    $ 1,995 timing hardware and $ 650 for software.

    600 locations Nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska utilizing PeopleReady Same price anywhere in the USA. Since 2006, making it easier for local & National Event Managers.

    Orbiter’s Competitive Advantage

    Orbiter’s competitive advantages: (1) A localized software design that uses your laptop as the server. Cloud based timing systems on the other hand, cannot count laps and split times as accurately as our design. Our localized design has an added benefit of providing you complete control and is easier to use than our competitors’. (2) A single Orange Spire is equivalent to one full mat line, easy to carry and easy to load in your car! Just pull it out and roll over to the detection point and turn it on. (3) Orbiter is easy to use where anyone even a novice can time a race!

    This following article is especially important to Professional Timers, Event Directors, and Developers that uses UHF passive tags for race timing:

    As validation of our approach, Olympic timers including novices use our product especially those on a short schedule. It only takes 3 minutes to set up Orbiter from the starting point of pulling out Orbiter (Spire 29 lbs.) from your vehicle. Then you just roll it over to your detection point and simply turn the detector on. The Sling readers (18 lbs.) are even better, since the satchels allows you to take it to remote locations and set it up quickly. No connecting and disconnecting cables as in other systems. No hauling mats, stands, or Plastic Pelican boxes.

    Orbiter is the only system that uses Phased Detect (TM) Antenna Technology. Our technology positions a tag on a line for greater time accuracy. You may ask, “What is the difference between Phased Detect(TM) and phased array? Think of our technology as a simplistic phased array that positions on a X – Y, two dimensional axis, or line. True Phased Array positions on an X-Y-Z, three dimensional axis. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phased_array

    Since Orbiter is used for land based race events where crossing a start or finish “line” is important, there is no need to use expensive Phased Array technology. As evidence of our time accuracy, the US Military has measured us as more time accurate than mats. Intuitively, you know this to be true. For example, when you look at a mat system with multiple mats you can see the spread of distance from one mat to another. This makes for a broad fuzzy detection zone that leaves a literal gap in detecting racers. Even when a single mat and/or “strength of signal” is used, there is often 7 seconds of latency before the tag position can be shown. And because of this, the runner is long past the start/finish line by the time the position is shown.

    Orbiter also have the added advantage of detecting racers in where you want them detected. You can set Orbiter’s detection range in where exactly you want racers to be detected whereas our competitors can’t. This is because how our even with the strongest signal, they can as much detect signals only several feet prior to the start/finish line. They face limitation that we don’t with the backscatter radio wave reflection, where in order to efficiently work, the tag has to be perpendicular to the detection antenna. It cannot detect over the top of the antenna where the tag is vertical. Nor does it detect on the edge to the mat antenna.

    Orbiter proves when’s the detection of passing racers with tags are made. In real time, our system “beeps” (LED Flashes) on the spot where the tag is detected. This allows for easy confirmation through hearing and seeing without any delays.

    One may respond of “How did Orbiter develop such a technology? I have never heard of you about such invention.” Our engineers came from both Micron Communications in the mid 90’s and the Sandia National Laboratories. This combined with the aide from government-funded programs and like-minded researchers, we have formed what’s now Orbiter technology. Through testing the RFID race timing and helping with School Lap Counting, the experience was both gratifying and fun.

    Other product detail: We are also the only company with 24 volt battery power which yields 33% more power than our average competitors’. Orbiter can read a tag when worn on the back or front, and even under clothes. We are the only company that has true real-time condition monitoring so you can see the status of your readers from afar and on your own laptop or tablet.

    The Spire reader provides a stable upright platform with a true “all-in-one” construction. No separate parts required, you just simply turn it on and start timing the race as the system auto-connects. No IP addressing necessary since the system doesn’t rely on the CLOUD but rather a localized system. Stability is assured because 75% of the weight of our system is on the bottom 25% of the tower. This means Orbiter is stable even in windy days with an optional quick-to-deploy wheel holder.

    In dense areas such as large marathons; because of our greater range, the tower can be placed far enough off the running path so it will not be knocked over. No need to worry about racers tripping over mat Pelican Boxes or mat systems with our relatively small design. Orbiter is built with a foam core for added durability to protect the electronic insides. This added durability can be tested with either banging it around and/or being used in all weather conditions. The simplicity of our design means lower total hardware costs than other systems.

    Another advantage in using Orbiter comes with our RFID inlays with its superior performances. To explain, typical inlays are tags that’s attached to racers’ bibs that helps detectors (including SPIRE) to detect the racers. This technology helps timers in identifying whose who when each racers pass by the start/finish line. Our inlays were developed with reusability and durability in any environment in mind. This is especially the case with the SPIRE’s side antennas being set up in the air. Much like a cellular tower, this enables easy and unimpeded connection of our RFID inlays to the RF signals and vice versa.

    You also have the freedom to choose what you want to encode in your inlays. This is made easy with our encoding software where you can encode a blank inlay with whatever numerical value you want. Our encoding logic allows you to make full use of our inlays without any unneeded labor for the low price of 18 cents each. Our inlay method is the top choice for both professionals and beginners, with usage by hundreds of timers all over the world. Call us at 253-627-5588 for more information.

    Orbiter is more versatile and used at more events than any other timing systems. Unlike Orbiter, other systems recommends you to buy specific types of timing system for different types of events. This ranges from road running, to Triathlons, and yet another system for counting laps on skating rinks. With Orbiter, you can use the same system for all events without worrying about buying extra parts. You also don’t have to worry about any specific procedures in setting for specific events. Our easy and simple design enables everyone to time any events.

    We are a tool that times “Any Human Powered Event”. This ranges from stair climbs, track and field interval training, triathlons, 23 different type of bike races, inline and ice skating, fitness testing, school lap count fund raisers, and of course any type of road race. With our unique microwave tag, we can even time light motor sports like KART, ATV, Snowmobile, and motor bike too.

    When it comes to Event Registration and Business Approach, we are versatile in whether you wanted to follow our  model or your own. To help you have an idea on how to approach registration, we feature four types of business methods including yours. (1) You can use your existing Registration platform. We support Run Sign UP, Active and others. (2) You do it yourself and keep all the registration money using our platform on a one time payment perpetual license. (3) We can do part of the registration for $1.00 per person fee, or (4) we handle it all for $1.00 plus a percentage.

    Versatility begins in how we start races. We have 7 starting methods including scheduled, interval, chip time, and gun starts with six other types of starts too. Our system has optional integrated GPS tracking with course, optional cameras, lap counting and splits, remote real time reader condition monitoring, leap frog detectors on the fly, and much more.

    The latest release of the Orbiter Reader and Application Software has many new features. These include choice of first tag detect, last tag detect, stable Reprocessing and Cloning of events. Our phased array systems are similar to Phased Detect in that it is used by the US Navy for target acquisition. Orbiter’s radio beam is focused. We are far different than standard antennas. Tag detects on the start finish line “beep” in real time for all to see timing accuracy.

    Competitive timing system that use the term, “Strength of Signal” often have a 7 seconds delay and don’t work quite right. Strength of Signal is a marketing term that in the real world does not work well. Strength of signal does not work well because of tags placed on the runners chest. The tags don’t respond as strongly when the bib is right over the mat because the return RFID reflection signal is weakest at that point. The strongest is when the RFID tag is perpendicular to the mat antenna, which is 6 to 8 feet from the mat. This gives an inaccurate response, since most of the time you want an exact time/ moment the racers finishes a race.

    Orbiter on the other hand, condition monitors each reader. The status of multiple readers is seen simultaneously on the timing computer. We use Remote Intelligent Control (TM)(RIC) software to do this. It’s a special software inside the RFID reader. It can measure heart beat, acts as a watch dog, and comes with a reader notifications that can control readers from afar. Buying an RFID reader from online catalog stores do not come with RIC. Essentially you are buying something that’s designed for Supply Chain, not for Race Timing. Plus, if you want low cost readers call Orbiter as we sell them and beat Catalog house pricing.

    Orbiter allows you to connect as many readers quickly and automatically. No IP configuration necessary. You can even make them work in pairs or more as if they were one. This is important when there are many runners packed together. This is more so if the width of the Start / Finish or Way Point line has to extend across a multi-lane road. No other RFID reader manufacture is able to do this without cables, wires, or mats.

    When it comes reusability, many other systems only allow you to connect to up-to-date systems and forgo the older versions. This contrast with Orbiter, since we allow you to grow your system as you need. Your past purchases are an asset that doesn’t degrade in quality. Case in point, our first reader made in 2006 still works on our system today! No need to hold out for the latest version, all that’s needed is a software upgrades to keep them working.

    For wireless connectivity you have the choice of wi-fi with cellular, or Military iridium satellite for coverage around the world.

    For better tag detects, the Orbiter Spire has a custom built in power control board that operates at 24 volts. (33% greater than other competitive systems) It’s included in the standard reader and made optional for the SLING. The board allows the use of AC. It comes with battery operations and automatic recharge with indicator lights for easy notification.

    Displays: New 3000 lumen 47 inch results display that shows results as people walk within 15 feet. Rated a better method to show results than kiosks due to how convenient it is. Just work it up and get your results and see it at the top of the list. Then 7 seconds later, it’ll rotate down along with the others. You can also mount the display next to the track and see laps counted in real time for participants to see.

    Including with Orbiter, the Jasper Reports software provides world class customizable reporting. Standard quick reports are made automatically and are good for 90% of users without the need for Jasper knowledge. For professionals using Jasper Reports, this helps with phone, web, or even sport stadium score boards. This applies for novices too, since Orbiter allows easy custom Excel reports where anyone can use such tool.

    Our unique “Reprocessing” and “Cloning button saves races as it allows you to change configurations during and after the race.

    These and other competitive advantages are continuously updated because we have both in-house electrical engineers and software programmers.

    Keep checking back as more innovation are to come. Better yet, feel free to call and chat at 253-627-5588.

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