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Orbiter Trail Run Solution

Setting up an automated trail run is easy. We have the option of our RFID detectors being housed in fake rocks that protect them against any elements such as vandalism, animals, and weather. This is also made available by our light weight system that’s easy to carry even in a small car! This allows you to move it from hiking trails to cities that are otherwise impossible to do so with mats and overhead systems.

With three times the power, Orbiter is the only trail run system that can span miles more than our competitors. The easy-to-use software allows set up of start, finish, and way points, within minutes. Results can be displayed either on a cellular phone or onsite displays. Your choice of indoor LED’s and outdoor rugged Delphi displays may be seen within direct sunlight.

Orbiter’s software provides remote control of each detector in addition in monitoring the detector through cellular data. It can also monitor data through an iridium satellite connection. The connection is different than a hot spot, with it being more reliable and far less expensive.

Reporting results are instant with Orbiter’s RESTful interfaces that allows quick connectivity to both cell phone, the web, and local displays. This is ideal for any environment such as Resorts, Parks, and Municipalities. Orbiter’s technology is based on work done for the military with its reliance on simplicity and power. This is showcased with the Canadian Armed Forces even using this system due its reliability, which is now available for you in Trail Runs around the world.

Optional communication using either Wi-Fi, data cellular, and Iridium Satellites are available.

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