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Orbiter Markets

Orbiter Markets. The Orbiter advantage is greater versatility in timing events because the timer is free of mats and overhead structures. 

Orbiter is used today for both small (85 people) and large races (30,000 + People)!

So easy to use Orbiter is the only rental system that sets up in less than 3 minutes.    Each mat system is 5 times the weight and have 22 connections that include cable fittings.   Add more than one row of mats, and a mat system can weight hundreds of pounds and require a package truck to move.

With Orbiter bring everything you need in your car, and just turn the machine “on”, and time your race.  For example, the SLING timing system is just 15 lbs, so it ships anywhere economically.   The SLING has robust 20 ft. read range and reads 250 bibs per second.  It also has the ability to read tags on the side and back of people. 

The 27 lbs. SPIRE has long 40 ft. read range for large races over 1000 people or more.  The SPIRE is the favorite of schools, military, and bike races.

Both the SLING and SPIRE can time any human powered event.  Orbiters unique ability to network several Orbiters without IP addressing means you have a timing platform that scales from small to large automatically.  Just turn them “on” and they talk to each other automatically.  You can even use a tablet to time the most complex races saying good bye to the timing table.  Making you the timer completely mobile.

For many types of Motor Sports or military applications ask us about our Microwave Timing System.   Orbiter is the only OEM in the world with an always “on” Microwave tag that provides the highest read rates, longest range of any in the World.  Plus, the Microwave tag does not need recharging making it easy to use and 5 year life predictable.


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