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Parks and Recreation

For a Park Walking Program, the Orbiter RFID reader is unique because it comes with a full color display that outputs real time results so that participants can monitor their work outs 24 hours, 7 days a week, days 365 a year.

As a participant passes with their RFID tag their work out starts, laps counted and results shown.

RFID read distance is 50 feet and may be adjusted to fit your running path or track.

A great way to encourage daily work outs without the expense of a cell phone.  Plus, the RFID tags have no batteries to replace and thus are never turned “off” like cell phones.  Plus there is no shadowing from trees as is the case with GPS systems making them inoperable. Download of data is automatic so there is no need to manually sync information.   So economical all people may participate not just those with cell phones.

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