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Petro Vietnam Purchases Orbiters for Morning Worker Work Outs

Petro Vietnam purchases Orbiters for morning worker work outs. Petro Vietnam, the largest business entity in Vietnam, selects Orbiters over nearby Chinese made systems. This is due to the quality and effectiveness of Orbiter. Also, only Orbiter can lap count over a thousand workers reliably. This is possible with advanced space age time and no mats or cables.

Petro uses Orbiters for morning work outs. They said that the Orbiter system is better than like Chinese RFID because Orbiter is:

1. Easier to set up with no mats.
2. Counts laps and split times accurately.
3. Can handle count hundreds of works in near real time.
4. Lower cost than Chinese systems.
5. Durable when dropped (Shock).
6. Works in extreme tropical weather.

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