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Race Events

Timers and Event Managers need the simplicity that Orbiter offers. As Cameron Freshwater at Tacoma Metro Parks stated, “I need the simplicity that Orbiter offers, I purchased two other timing systems and they required 17 hours of online training to operate.” With Orbiter, it takes 40 minutes. During this time, the practice includes doing three events back to back.

Clearly, there is no need for complexity and increased costs that are involved with mat systems. For events and timers, what is important is that Orbiter is easy to set up and take down. Orbiter greatly lowers cost, produces more accurate results, and uses “Space Age Timing” technology. <\p>

Furthermore, Orbiter is a Localized design rather than a Cloud Based design. Because of this, your laptop at the race is your server, rather than the timing server being in the Cloud. Orbiter’s localized design is more stable and reliable. Timers like it better. Think of a Cloud Timing system as a middleman. When communication to the internet is needed, Orbiter uses RESTful interface. This provides you the best of all worlds. <\p>

Additionally, getting rid of the middleman means means greater profitability for you. Orbiter provides you a great competitive advantage. For example, a single timer can bring the Orbiter timing equipment to the race in an economy 4 cylinder light car. Unlike other systems which require an expensive 6 cylinder truck or trailer to haul equipment. This makes sense for races with 5.000 more people. Such events are few and far between as most of the 30,000 events each year are 2,000 people or less. Orbiter does both large and small events and allows you to scale up and down economically.

1. Rentals. Orbiter is the only successful race timing rental platform. This is because Orbiter is the only timing system anyone can rent successfully to first time users. Just (1) Turn the machine on. (2) Know who you gave the bibs to. (3) Make the Orbiter “beep” when runners pass. Doing this means your race is 100% safe. The system auto detects readers with no IP addressing required means beginners can use Orbiters.<\p>

2. Innovation: Orbiter is the first to innovate in many ways. Firstly, we are the only ones that can do PATH events. These are where you take a detector and drop them anywhere. And then you can have point to point path events in which the detectors may be approached in any order. In addition, Orbiter RIC software has “condition monitoring”. This means the timer can stand anywhere with a table and monitor all the detectors on a Trail Run remotely. Altogether, the ability to monitor detection points allows for better planning of refreshment supplies as way stations. This is true “Space Age Technology”.

3. Finally, Orbiter offers cellular data, which is different than a hot spot and easier to use. Our cellular data has priority on cell towers. This is similar to Police and Fire.


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