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Timers and Event Managers need the simplicity and economy that Orbiter offers. As Cameron Freshwater at Tacoma Metro Parks stated, “I need the simplicity that Orbiter offers, I purchased two other timing systems and they required 17 hours of online training to operate.” With Orbiter, it takes 40 minutes. During this time, the practice includes doing three events back to back.

1. Rentals. Orbiter is the only timing system any first-time user can rent and operate successfully. Just (1) Turn the machine on. (2) Know who you gave the bibs to. (3) And make sure the Orbiter “beep” sounds when runners pass. Do these three things and your race is 100% safe. The software and other is secondary and can be configured during or after the race. Orbiter is here 24/7 to support you anywhere in the world.

Orbiter’s batteries are approved and safe for airline travel because we use AGM batteries and not Lithium Ion.
Did you know both the FAA and US Department of Transportation has ordered a COLD STOP for transporting any Lithium-Ion batteries on all commercial airlines because race timing is considered “commercial use” and not “Personal Use”? This means only Orbiter is approved for transport. This is a reason to choose Orbiter for you next remote endurance race. You can travel with your timing equipment as it is checked in as airline luggage or in the overhead bin in the main cabin. This is not legally possible with Lithium Ion for race timing. Plus, there are no separate cables or time detector boxes as with other systems.

2. Innovation: Orbiter is the best lap counting and split timing solution in the world. We do indoor events and outdoor. Thus, GPS is a complement to Orbiter but where GPS won’t work Orbiter does work. We can even do PATH events. These are where you can take a detector and drop them anywhere you want in a point to point path events. More specifically, the detectors can be approached in any order by racers without any complex imputing of which detector is the first in a lane. In addition, Orbiter RIC software has “condition monitoring.” This means the timer can stand anywhere with a table and monitor all the detectors on a Trail Run remotely without actively surveying the detectors themselves. Altogether, the ability to monitor detection points allows for better planning and easier management of the race. This is truly a “Space Age Technology.”


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