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Electronic Wrist Band for School and Park Walking Programs.

Electronic Wrist Band for School and Park Walking Programs when the full antenna is used and set to high power the range is 30 ft range. When the tag is used with a SLING or Sparky the range is 15 feet.

This tag is designed to be worn on wrists. It is convenient to walkers and others that have difficulty bending down. It is also excellent for schools. This is because the custom numbering system identifies teachers and students by color and class number. The Orbiter system allows tags to be traded between classes. This is done while individual data is kept for each class and student. In 5K races walkers and others prefer this tag. This is because it dangles from the wrist as opposed to being tied to a shoe.

Also, the tag has no battery and gains many of the same statistics important to kinesiology. When compared to battery operated wrist bands and pedometers, Orbiter has the advantage of automatic download of data. And an entire school’s student data is done in seconds as the tags pass the Orbiter reader. This compares to only seven tags at time for many battery operated wrist bands.  

Teachers have no time to replace batteries and they are costly. Orbiter solves these problems. This is why we are the number one choice of wearable wrist bands for schools and the military.

The tag is discounted and costs a fraction of battery powered devices, including pedometers.

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