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Rent a System for as little as $ 395

“Because of your product, we were are able to raise $105k so far! So, thank you!!
– S”

Complete Rental System for Race Chip Timing ships in convenient luggage case with everything you need. This included the Sling Reader, lap top with RFID bibs.

Companies that rent mats and side antennas with cables get customer complaints. Unlike Orbiter’s all-in-one design, competitive systems require assembly of parts such as cables and connectors. No worries with Orbiter as your rental timing system is complete. Just turn “on”. Blogs tell the story of cables being forgot and races lost with other systems. Not with Orbiter!

This is why Orbiter is the only company with a successful rental method for first time users. <\p>

Save hundreds of dollars on your next event by calling us at 253-627-5588, or email at [email protected]

Full instructions including online videos make using the system easy to use.

The rental system comes with all you need. You will receive the rental unit the Wednesday before your event. This allows for a delivery company issue so we can overnight another to you. We call you over the phone and have you practice with us prior to your event. Assistance is always available by phone before during and after your event. The equipment is light and compact. Just turn the “on” switch and you are ready to time the race. This eliminates the need for mats, overhead structures. Orbiter SLING equipment weighs just 15 lbs and is transported in your car, and AGM batteries are approved for airline travel. 

To have a successful race all you need to do is three easy steps:  (1) Turn on the Orbiter. (2) Know who you gave the bibs to, and (3) Get a “beep” at the finish.  Administration of the timing software may be done before, during, and after the race. This makes race day registration easy.


Reference: “The Bristow 24 Hour Run uses the Orbiter Bollard reader to accurately and reliably record over 2000 laps our runners complete with no read errors. Both the runners and the timing officials appreciate the beep that tells them that their lap was recorded. The rental option means that we always have an up to date system with no maintenance needs, and we don’t need a secure storage area. The system shows up a week before race day when we review setup and operation with Orbiter by phone. The Orbiter folks are available throughout the race for questions. After the race, the system is returned, prepaid, in the same shipping box. No question – we’ll be back for our next race.” – Ed Wilson, Event Manager.


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