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Rentals-Anyone Can Time a Race

Rent an Orbiter Timing System

Orbiter Inflatable Start/ Finish Arch

Rent an Orbiter Start Finish Arch

Light, easy to handle and deploy. Inside dimensions: 8ft X 8ft. Rent for $250.00 or purchase for $850.00

Orbiter Race Timing Clock

Rent a Race Timing Clock.

Call for a quote on renting an LED time clock for your race. The clock comes with a stand and has four inch letters.

Rent the LED for $185.00

Standard Orbiter SPIRE and SLING Readers

Standard Orbiter SPIRE and SLING Readers/span>  Our reader systems come complete with reader, wireless radio and battery for quick and simple operation. Just roll it into place and turn on and the system will connect wirelessly to the computer to run your race. Accurate timing detects racers at the finish line. No wasting time with dirty mats, running cables, or building overhead structures for antennas. All-in-one complete system just rolls into place and you’re good to go.

  • 3 minute easy setup.
  • New 1,200 tags detected per second.
  • 30,000 + participant races.
  • Highest time accuracy as measured by USAF.
  • Standard Orbiter with 8 hours built in rechargeable battery life and AC with indicator lights.
  • All weather, rugged design works in rain and dirty environments.
  • 60 foot read range with bib tag for running races, 20 feet with school tag.   (Ask about the economy School Orbiter Upright Reader model with 10 feet of range).
  • 250 tag detections per second.
  • Good for small to large events.
  • Easy transport in a car, and lower cost as one person times even large events.
  • Approved for airline transport. Just roll it to airline luggage check in.

** Also available as a rental with everything you need including laptop with pre-loaded timing software. Click here for our rental info.    

Orbiter Wearable Sling Reader

Orbiter Fixed Position or Wearable Sling Reader

The Orbiter Sling reader may be set down in a fixed position, or moves where you do to pick up tag reads. Sturdy case with comfortable strap lets you move about with ease. It comes with a rugged travel case for taking it on the road or for checking into baggage at the airport. 90% of all races may be timed with the SLING. Greater time accuracy than Mats. Easier to set up and lower cost.

  • Read distance of 20 feet with Bib Tag, 10 feet with school tag. Double the range with optional long range antenna.
  • Rechargeable batter life 4 hours. Increase battery life to 36 hours with option battery pack.
  • 250 tags per second.
  • Approved for airline travel.
  • Ideal for Trail Runs, Triathlons and 5K races and with 500 people best, and  1000 maximum. 
  • Can be used in paddle board races or other events where standard reader is hard to use. 
  • Timing accuracy with controllable read range detects time on finish line.
  • Designed to pick up hard to detect tags. 
  • 24 volt operation. Double the power of other systems means better tag reads.
  • NEMA 4 Option.

As an option you can purchase an RF LAN with wireless connectivity of 300 yards in a normal environment and 2 miles line of site. 

** Also available as a rental with everything you need including laptop with pre-loaded timing software. Click here for our rental info. 

The Bristow 24 Hour Run uses the Orbiter Bollard reader to accurately and reliably record over 2000 laps our runners complete with no read errors. Both the runners and the timing officials appreciate the beep that tells them that their lap was recorded. The rental option means that we always have an up to date system with no maintenance needs, and we don’t need a secure storage area. The system shows up a week before race day when we review setup and operation with Orbiter by phone. The Orbiter folks are available throughout the race for questions. After the race, the system is returned, prepaid, in the same shipping box. No question – we’ll be back for our next race.

Equipment Rental

New Lower Race Timing Rental $ 395 per week, Plus 100 transponders free end

We are the only company that successfully rents race timing systems. This is because of the simplicity and ease of use. Features ensure race success other company do not have. Such as Reprocessing and condition monitoring that assures our race is safe. Completely automatic with no pushing buttons, taping on a tablet or scanning bibs. Complete system ships in convenient luggage case with everything you need including Sling Reader, laptop with pre-loaded software, RFID bibs with electronic file. Easy to use with instructions included. Free online instructions.  Save hundreds of dollars on your next event.

Need help with the race? At your option, call to have one or our professional Certified Orbiter Race Timer help with your event.

The rental system comes with all you need, including a pre-loaded laptop computer. You will receive the rental unit three days before the race.  We recommend 40 minute of over the phone instruction 3 days prior to your event. Orbiter technical assistance is always available by phone before during and after your event.

Transponders on your bibs after the first 100 are free, then $ 1.97, and with the purchase of full color customize bibs to your liking $ 2.49 each. Orbiter is able to rent you timing equipment because the set up is fast and simple to use.  The equipment is light and compact eliminating the need for mats, overhead structures, and heavy time detector control box. 

Orbiter equipment weighs just 15 lbs and is transported in your car, and approved for airline travel.

To have a successful race all you need to do is (1) turn on the Orbiter, (2) Know who you gave the bibs to, and (3) get a beep at the finish from each participant.   Administration of the timing software may be done before, during and after the race.   Download of race data from the SLING to the laptop may happen in logging mode with or without a live connection. 

There are many features that protect your race including “non volatile” reader memory.  A generator is not required because the Standard Orbiter battery lasts 8 hours, and the Sling 4 hours.  Longer battery time may be gained or AC may be used.

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