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Fitness Assessment

I love the flexibility of the equipment and will verify the precision during our mock tests. I also the fact of downloading for historical data.  I can see future expansion of our program to possibly include more chips to accommodate a mass PT test.  We have a wing with tenants that has a population of 1500 +.  Future may be testing 6 times a yr vs 12 times a year to save on manpower requirements for the testing crew. Thank you. S.L.G, Capt, ORANG

School Lap Counting

From: Susan Braun Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 3:51 PM To: Gregory M Stewart Subject:   Hi Greg!   Wow!  You haven’t heard from me in a long time.  Hope everything is going well with the Orbiter.  The Orbiter is working so well for me after the 11, 532 miles that we have ran to date.  That means orbiter has counted over 46,00 laps for Cottonwood already this year!   Susan   Susan Braun P E Specialist Cottonwood Elementary Yakima WA 509-965-2052


“I have been using the Orbiter for the past 2 days and it has been working out great. This machine will give us a lot of potential to do some pretty cool things. Thanks Again!”


“I want to take a minute to express my appreciation for a well-built system. It’s been a year since I used the Orbiter, so I was wondering how long it was going to take to upload users, assign them to teams, assign them to tags, and create events. In less than 90 minutes this morning, I was able to upload everything (that’s 345 students) for our Walkathon. This afternoon I will be testing the tags to make sure each one is readable by the antenna.

I also want to thank you for all the videos on youtube. I used some of them this morning to help refresh my memory. Each video was short and to the point. I am very grateful for that resource.
Kind regards,”


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