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See how the school RFID run & walk program works

See how the school RFID run & walk program works. Unlike Barcode lap counters that cause line ups to scan tags, Orbiter’s patented approach allows for safe social distancing.  Orbiter allows a free flow of hundreds of students past the RFID Spire reader at distance.    Thus, Making Orbiter work for school physical education and the 1-Mile Run test is as Simple as 1, 2 3, 4 !

1.Issue tags by roster number to students.


2.Click “Start” button on tablet ; Or choose “automated self-start”.


3. In real time, call out number of laps, split times, or finish times from a tablet. Or, download at your office later!


4. At the end of the class period collect the tags by roster number order, then re-issue to the next class period.


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