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SLING 5K & Military Obstacle Course Reader

Starting at $ 3,995.00

The SLING reader is ideal for quick and easy timing of 5K races. Purchase or Rent. It reads 450 tags per second so large races and small races may be timed both. Unlike a standard handheld for example, the SLING has the same long range as a fixed base reader. Handhelds on the other hand have the problem of short read ranges. This can annoy runners with the “Sheriff with the gun” approach, meaning the handheld is shoved toward the racer as they pass.


Here are the laid out list of benefits when using SLING:

  • Long range SLING has a read distance of 20 feet Bib Tag, and 15 feet for the school tag, and 12 feet 3-D tag.
  • Rechargeable battery life of 4 hours. Or you can use the optional 36 hours battery pack.
  • Approved for airline travel.
  • 450 tag reads per second.
  • Ideal for triathlons and 5K races and with 1000 people or less.
  • Can be used in paddle board races or other events where a standard mat reader not practical.
  • Timing accuracy with controllable read range detects time on finish line.
  • NEMA 4 for use in rain.
  • Far superior performance than handheld barcode and RFID devices.

** Also available as a rental with everything you need including i7 laptop with pre-loaded timing software. Click here for our rental info.

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