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Social Distancing: Why Orbiter is unique

Using Rolling Starts, similar to the new Start of the Boston Marathon, we do the following:

  1. Hands free registration. Eliminates human contact without racers having to physically ‘tag’ to confirm they complete a lap.
  2. Orbiter’s automated enrollment means you don’t have to personally pre-schedule assignments for individuals in a wave. This promotes social distancing by circumventing groups of people from waiting for their turn.
  3. Results automatically appear on your phone. No need for timers to gather at the finish line.
  4. Inlays are cheap and disposable or may be reused for future events. The wrist tags has a range of 40 ft that allows social distancing.
  5. It can detect any first wave of racers at the starting point of any size.
  6. Individual Starts and Interval Starts.
  7. Separate Start and Finish eliminates commingling.
  8. No need for Mats and cables to constantly clean and disinfect.
  9. Internal battery operated means less equipment with no need to use a generator. (Less equipment to handle means less risks!)
  10. As much as only 2 people are needed to run a social distancing event.
  11. Rock solid Industrial Wi-Fi communication with no cables needed between devices to touch and handle. Orbiter does not require Ethernet but it does comes with a port but if you wanted that option.
  12. Easy to set up and can be taken down quickly when you have only have a short time.

Let us help you get your local approval so you can start racing today! If there’s any information concerning Orbiter you can email us through or call our office worldwide 27/7 Phone USA 253-627-5588.

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