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Social Distancing: Why Orbiter is unique?

We do the following:

  1. For Health Department and Labor and Industry records time differentials between participants on starts and finishes to prove social distancing.
  2. Hands free registration.  Tag a tag any tag eliminates human contact.
  3. Automated enrollment to a wave.  No pre-scheduled assignment of individuals for a wave necessary.   This eliminates people hanging around the start waiting for their turn.  
  4. Results on your phone. No gathering at finish line.
  5. PUSH technology to the internet means localized NOT CLOUD based system.
  6. The ability to use low cost they are disposable or may be reused.  This is the long range 40 ft distance Wrist Tags that the runner may keep for future races.  These tags are different than anything you have seen. Guaranteed for 5 years.
  7. Wave Starts of any size. 
  8. Individual Starts and Interval Starts.
  9. Separate Start and Finish eliminates co-comingling.
  10. No Mats and cables to clean and disinfect.
  11. Internal battery operated so less equipment needed.  No generator required.
  12. 2 people are able to run a social distancing event.
  13. Rock solid Industrial Wi-Fi communication so no cables are needed between devices.   No need for Ethernet but it comes with a port too.
  14. Quicker set up and take down.
  15. Detections on a line not a RF lobe for more accurate times.
  16. Proven design used for over 10 years.  Components easily up graded over time as they are separate and not on one green board together.  Thus, saving your original investment when technology changes happen.

Let us help you get your local approval so you can Start Racing Today!  (Even NY and CA too.)   [email protected] or call our office worldwide 27/7 Phone USA 253-627-5588

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