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Unique Orbiter Software Advancements

Software inside the RFID reader makes Orbiter truly different

This is most important and different than other companies. Most companies only have timing software inside the timing lap top but not inside the RFID reader.  Those that have software inside the RFID reader are rudimentary compared to Orbiter, as you will read.   Ours is “ORP” Orbiter Reader Protocal.  No other Timing Software has anything close to it.  The benefit is that the reader software allows your Orbiter detector to work autonomously from your laptop software.  Thus, You can move detectors in the middle of a race and on the fly and do many other good things.

The “Reprocessing” feature saves races

Any race setting may be changed at at anytime (before, during, and after a race) to fix a problem on the fly.  This is because the memory in the reader is always saved on a FIFO bases.  You always have a copy of all your original tag detects inside the RFID reader and they are never lost.  Thus, if something goes wrong just “reprocess” and recover your race.  Many systems clear this data and thus races can be lost.  Want a clean look before each race just set the view of the data as such.  But, with Orbiter the data is still there hidden from view and easily recovered not deleted in case you need it.

Remote Condition Monitoring of all readers

Remote Condition Monitoring lets you control your readers and change internal settings during a race.  This features notifies you of potential problems and let’s you correct them from afar.  Just like NASA mission control no need to run a person out to a remote detector satellite to flip switches.

No other company has the “Event Planner’

It allows many events to start and stop automatically even globally around the world.   Schools use this to control PE Lap Counting classes where many classes are happening all day long at many  schools.   This also, allows trading of RFID tags between races.  A great way to economize on the number of RFID tags purchased.  

Cloning and Resume

The Ability to “Clone” or Copy events is of great help to those that run the same event back to back. An Example of this is Interval training exercises for coaches and Fitness Assessment Tests. With “Cloning” in just 4 key strokes, a new test may be set up using the same RFID chip tags. Resume allows a quick method to restart a race if stopped accidentally without the loss of any tag detects.

Gestation, Decay, and High Medium, Low power settings

“Gestation” and “Decay” periods are a unique tool used by Orbiter. These determine how tag detects are used in odd situations like transitions in a Triathlon. They help make the reader independently smart. Because Orbiter software resides inside the RFID reader, Orbiter is able to make the time point readers truly smart. This allows them to make decisions without a network connection. For example, when a runner is in a Triathlon Transition, comes out of the Transition, but then realizes they left something back inside and returns, then exits a second time. Orbiter readers know that this is “one” transition and automatically posts it as such.

Last Tag Detect Seen and Corkscrew

Cork Screw allows reading bibs on both the front and back of runners.  Last Tag and First Tag seen allows more precise timing on a line.  Also, for bike races last tag seen helps pre-energize RFID inlays for better tag detects around carbon frames and masses of human bodies passing.

Priority Wi-Fi and Cellular Service

Timers report when using Cloud based registration, timing, and reporting, the most difficult Connection to the Cloud is in a race with tens of thousands of people. The connection problem is solved with Orbiter. This is because when Orbiter’s military Wi-Fi is used, Orbiter’s powerful narrow band takes precedence over other Wi-Fi. Plus, the fact we are on a private network, overwhelms retail Wi-Fi and Orbiter gains a solid connection.

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