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    64 Bit     24 Volts     SPIRE Product Data     SPIRE Product Data    

    $ 1,995 timing hardware and $ 650 for software.

    600 locations Nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska utilizing PeopleReady Same price anywhere in the USA. Since 2006, making it easier for local & National Event Managers.

    Start and Finish

    These pictures and videos shows how Orbiters’ positions effects the tag in order to gain a precise finish time. Unlike many mat systems, Orbiter is not impeded by mats that would give off differing and fuzzy finish time. The problem with mats comes with where to place it. This is because of the time consuming adjustments in where to set down the mats. It also have to be free of error since to do so would result in a do-over that takes even more time. Meanwhile Orbiter is more tolerant and easy to set up. You can position it more accurately and easily by rolling it where you want to put it. It’s also accurate in detecting racers simply by having them pass by whereas racers would actively have to step on the mat systems to activate.

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