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Software condition monitors and controls the RFID detectors from afar.

Anyone can set up a Trail Run with many detectors (shown in red).

An Automated TIMED HIKING trail run EXPERIENCE

Challenge yourself and your friends to a timed 2400′ climb to the top!
Introducing the Automated Trail Run

If you are resort, park, or government entity, install RFID tag detectors with the ability to count both tagged and non tagged people.  Why? to encourage outdoor activity and provide you with important statistics. It allows users to track the same data as Fitbit except heart rate.  What we do track is accurate and at a fraction of the cost.  Anyone can afford an Orbiter tracker becaue there are no batteries. 

You can also have a leaderboard inside a Shop or outside near the start.  You can see those with the fastest times so your users can compete with your friends, neighbors, or complete strangers in a race to the top.
Experience shows that up to 20% of a population base want to use the Orbiter system.

Users grab one for a retail store, a local office.  They are so low cost often they are initially given out for free.

How to get started

Step 1: GET an RFID tag

Visit the point of sale and buy your RFID tags.

Note: The RFID tags cannot be read through clothes, pockets, wallets or other material. So attach it to the outside of your shirt, jacket, pants or shorts. Just make sure it beeps when you approach the Monument.

Step 2: Prepare for your Hike

Bring water, a snack, extra clothes, all the essentials to ensure you’re prepared for your hike.

Step 3: Check-in at THE START RFID Monument

When you’re ready, scan your new RFID tag in front of the Stone Monument outside of the Right Angle Sports retail store.

One beep means you’re checked in.
Multiple beeps mean you’ve already checked into this station.
After you’ve checked in…

Start your hike! Hurry you’re being timed.

STEP 4: CHECK IN AT THE Finiah RFID MONUMENT  (Often it is the same as the start)

You’ve made it! Find the monument behind the trail map sign. Congratulations you have successfully completed a Base to Summit hiking trail. We will keep track of your time and you can share your results with your friends or challenge yourself to get a personal best time.

We will also display the results on a leader board or cell phone.


The RFID tag you purchase will be yours to keep, every time you use the Orbiter system you can challenge yourself by trying to achieve a new fastest time. Coming soon you will be able to update your profile via a designated website with your nickname and info so you can see how well you stack up compared to other hikers.

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