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3D Tag for Triathlon / Mud Run Tag

 The Patented 3D (three dimensional) tag is unique and especially designed for triathlons, mud runs and fitness assessment testing.  It is the only passive tag (no battery) worn by participants with a 3D antenna that is attenuated to the human body.  (Attenuated means it gains maximum radio frequency intensity.) 

Additionally, it is rated the best passive tag by many Ironman timers. The benefit of the tag is increased range up to 27-29 feet, regardless of the vertical or horizontal position of the tag to the RFID reader.   This allows for consistent read ranges regardless of the position of the tag to the reader. This is as long as the tag is seen by the reader. 

Also, prior to Orbiters 3D tag, similar performance could only be obtained by “active tags” at nearly five times the cost. Pure passive tags are at a very low cost and are used for 5Ks, marathons and road races. When positioned sideways to the reader, the passive tag distance is reduced by the COS of the angle. This means up to 1/3 the read range is when the tag is perpendicular to the reader.  Pure passive tags work well when pinned to a bib because the position to the reader is aligned.   Some OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures) use standard passive tags for triathlons.   These are placed into ankle tags, and when this happens poor detections can occur. The 3D tag was built for racing from the integrated circuit used on up.  The Orbiter 3D tag works exceptionally well as it was developed for exclusive sale by Orbiter. 

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