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Way Points: Prove Out & Back

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Orbiter gains exceptional detections because our Patented methods:

  1. 24 volt DC
  2. Three times the power over mat systems.
  3. Circular Polarized Antennas
  4. “Last tag seen” allows bib RFID to be pre-energized 60 feet forward but then detections are taken back on the line between the two orange Orbiters are located.  Pre-energized means the integrated circuit is “hot” rather than “cold” as what happens with “First Tag Seen”. This allows for far greater responsiveness.
  5. RIC (Remote Intelligent Communication) embedded software inside the RFID reader.
  6. T-Mobile dual Data cellular / Wi-Fi with 5G
  7. Blazing localized speed with autonomous operation.

No one in the world can do what Orbiter does with RFID.

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