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Becoming a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT)

Earn extra income timing road races and school walkathons

Our equipment is more versatile than other timing equipment because it can time “Any Human Powered Event. This means more business opportunities. For example, with Orbiter you can time inline skating, ice skating, trail running, school fund raisers, and many types of events that are normally difficult for other systems to time or lap count.

Our software is robust and easy to use. It has all the feature’s other timing software has and more. p>

We believe in Freedom to Choose and thus you have an opportunity to make more money on RFID bibs and tags than any other company. We can show you how to purchase these direct for just cents on the dollar. p>

Shown below is near instant set up consisted of rolling the Orbiter into place and “turning on”.

Even large races of 15,000 are timed this way. Safe for airline travel as luggage, everything needed can fit into any vehicle as small as a Chevy Equinox. As a timer, this makes your price competitive anywhere because you can use an airport rental car rather than a truck to transport all your registration, timing, and results display equipment, allowing to save on cost in transporting it.

Another benefit is that we use a Localized Network Design. This means the timer, controls everything at the Finish line with your laptop being server. This itself provides security since there would be no server based on CLOUD to begin with that would allow third parties to cause a problem with your real time event. You’re the one in control with the Finish server with no outside interference. Despite being independent from CLOUD, Orbiter can still be able to connect real time results to a web page or phone for customer viewing from your finish server. The CLOUD method, where the server is in the CLOUD, is a problem. Adding reliability to remote detector monitoring Orbiter’s cellular solution is also more robust. Orbiter has condition monitoring that streams real time notices to you for each detector. We use powerful industrial data cell modems. Our unique code continually “tickles” the cell tower so you don’t get dropped off.

Setting up remote detectors is very simple, you can quickly choose your race route and add one, two, or more detectors to work in unison at one time point. There’s no need for constant button pushing at the detector way point. You at the Finish have full control of all detectors in real time with both speed and simplicity on your side! With our light-weight system versus our competitors’ heavy and convoluted systems of wires and mats, you’ll certainly won’t regret picking our over them!

We understand that once you learn how to use a software, you’ll feel hesitant to change. We respond with an offer of a free download where you can experience and sample our software. This comes with other Timers that switched to Orbiter that commented on how easy it is to use. This is why you can rent your Orbiter equipment to people that have never timed a race before even of beginners. We use the most advanced tools and continually upgrade the software to keep it on top, from old to young testers they’ll quickly learn how to use Orbiter.

Additionally, you have the freedom to choose which social media tools, registration platforms, and reporting you want with your event. You can even use your own credit card provider.

As a timer you will be taught and given instruction in how to rent your equipment so you can make the most out of your investment with Orbiter. It also gives you a better competitive edge than the complex set-up of both mats or build-yourself side antennas. It comes with the benefit of Orbiters’ parts being compatible with another, meaning there is no need to purchase different RFID readers for different events.

We understand that Orbiters’ software is the only timing software with “Reprocessing that works.” The ability to “Clone” (copy) events. Both are needed to ensure that race data is not lost in event there was a configuration mistake. Both reprocessing and cloning means you can recover a race quickly.

Call us to learn more about this exciting business opportunity. References available on request.

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