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Cross Country


The Orbiter Cross Country Set Up:

1. Camera system, shoot, or placement of a judge to confirm order of finishes for those participants that are neck and neck.

2. RFID for speed for timing the pack and for clear placement.

Cross country is all about place of finish for all participants. All RFID has a fuzzy finish of at least a foot or two. Fuzzy is due to the length of the radio wave as an up and down on a wave is a 0 and 1 of data. Thus, neck and neck finishes cannot be determined precisely enough by any RFID system and must be confirmed visually. Eyesight and cameras work because light is like a particle and very precise. But, cameras cannot keep track of individuals. Even a video of the bib fails to identify the runner reliably because often the bib is out of focus, bent to the camera, or shadowed by another competitor and can not be seen.

Additionally, RFID has the benefit of speeding up results. This is because the majority of cross country runners finishes are not neck and neck. Therefore, the bulk of runners are more easily tracked. This leave only the exceptions which must be double checked using a camera, observer or shoot line up. With Orbiter, RFID results may be more easily produced more quickly.

With Orbiter time consuming set up with mats or complicated wire together side antennas is also avoided. Some systems have 22 connectors to put together to make operational. Orbiter is easy three minute set up. Just set down, turn on, and go!


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