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ICE 5K Event

“The Orbiter 4 timing system is perfect for timing pack training or racing events. I get accurate split times (down to 3 decimal places) placements, and total times for any number of skaters for any number of laps. The skaters are issued cost effective helmet tags that they keep for the season and they get Excel reports to track their progress. Athletes have to know they are training at speeds necessary to be competitive . . . with the Orbiter system they get accurate personal feedback after every practice.”

Ken Shelton, Coach
Roller King Speed

Speed Skate

Use Orbiter to fundraise with a roller event. RFID Roller Derby Lap Counts automatically. With Orbiter timing and lap counting, different human powered events are almost limitless. Additionally, instant set up no mats or cables make this possible. Also, fast display of results for participants to see in real time. See the screen to the left on the wall. ORBITER REFERENCE: From: Seattle Derby Brats President See: Seattlederbybrats.com   Greg, Thanks for pushing on this! By the way, the girls did ~22,000 laps this weekend or approximately 809 miles. We couldn’t have tracked it without you. Thank you!  -Mike


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