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As a Fitness Tester, we make your work easier with our social distancing features. For your candidates as you already know, Fitness Assessment Test is often a career with low tolerance for any mistakes. The importance of accuracy cannot be understated.

Fitness testers are aware of the consequences of human error when it comes to manually timing the race. The consequences being significant where a manual counting can come with an average of 2 seconds error that can significantly impact the results of the race. This also takes to consider the possible errors when timing hundreds of people on a daily bases with thousands of service people taking the racer’s time. Orbiter on the other hand with its mat free system, eliminates any potential timing errors ensuring all candidates are tested more accurately than either mats of human counters.  

The pain points for Fitness Testers that the Orbiter RFID system solves:

  1. Never be late starting a fitness test again. This is because the Orbiter system is not dependent on any computer to operate. Your test is the Orange SPIRE only. You can even start your Fitness Test with a “Start Tag” without a connection to a computer. Just wave the tag in front of the reader to start your event. Download a copy of the results during or after the event.  This means you can line up your candidates and start your test “On time. Every time.”
  2. Easier and faster import and export of roster lists. Load and edit roster lists before, during, and after a fitness test. Our software is solid and reliable with 10 years of use.
  3. No trip hazard risk. Because Orbiter requires no mats to operate, there is no potential tripping hazard that would impede racers. Even though tripping may be a 1 in 1000 occurrence, the cost of injury is substantial to a State. Each injury is recorded and these may turn into substantial veterans’ benefits for the life of a person. Orbiter eliminates this risk as there are no mats, cables or wires.
  4. No Loop wires. Competitive loop wire systems must be taped down, covered with a mat, or a groove cut into a track with the wires glued into the track. All three methods of hiding the loop wires used for detecting tags are very negative. This method is 30-year-old technology. Here is why: Tape eventually gets stuck on shoes and comes off. This creates unnecessary maintenance and risks potential errors on the runners that would hinder the test. This also is compounded by having to cut grooves in the track to make room for the wires, which cuts the life of the track by half as delamination takes effect in about four years. A new track should last 8 years. Mats cause tripping and are a maintenance problem. These short falls are all real.
  5. No batteries in the transponders. Orbiter has no batteries in the transponders and because our tags are modern, they work better because our antennas are up in the air and are on the side of the track. Just like a miniature cell tower they work just as good as active tags. Our unique technology allows for positioning of the tag on line that ensures accurate timing. Antennas that are placed on the ground allows mother earth to absorb radio signals. In comparison to other transponders they are less responsive while needing to use batteries in contrast to Orbiter transponders that doesn’t need any power supply attached to it.
  6. Less expense. Procurement officers will approve of your decision to purchase Orbiter. We guarantee our transponders to last for 5 years while other systems can at best guarantee their transponder for only 2 years. This is also compounded by tactics of constantly charging the procurement officers over and over the course for using their transponders. For example, when using other transponders you have to pay for it in the course of in Year 0, Year 2, and Year 4. The transponders are replaced 3 times over the course of 5 years meaning more cost in using them and owning them. Meanwhile with Orbiter, your Procurement officers only needs to pay once for those 5 years ensure cost efficiency. 
  7. Longevity. Orbiter system can work and last over 10 years whereas other systems last 3 to 5 years where it then need replacing. This is due in part with Orbiter not having any moving parts or delicate copper wires that can get damaged with repeat stepping or driving a vehicle on them. This is also added by Orbiters’ form factor in being proven to still be reliable in extreme high temperatures and cold weather. We can and are used in varieties of climates/ terrains ranging from mountain tops, deserts, and tropical rain storms outside 365 days a year, year after year. Plus, you can mix and match equipment. Our system is localized with no need for CLOUD or Internet allowing additional software security.


Seeing is believing.  Call or email us for an onsite demonstration.  [email protected]  or 253-627-5588.

Military PT Training with One Orbiter is all that is needed.


Permanent mounted Orbiter on pole next to track counts laps and time 24/7. Can also be mounted permanently on indoor track.

Permanent Mounted Orbiter RFID Reader

As runners pass the start/ finish line the times are shown on optional LED as they pass each lap.

Orbiter times displayed on electronic readerboard as they pass the finish.

In the warm up area, the optional results display detects individuals standing in front of the display and automatically displays run lap time and history.

Orbiter race info displayed at warm up area.

Orbiter Physical Training and Testing Software is customized to your line of service (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines). Drop down menu includes rank headings. Shown here is an example for the US Air Force:

Reports of Military PT training created from Orbiter software.

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