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Fitness Test Results

The number 1 worldwide choice for tracking fitness assessment for the run. Download the product brochure on this page for more details We are used by NATO, All Lines of US Military Service, Federal Agencies, and many National, State, and Local Police Forces since 1996. There are two popular choices (1) Rent the system and have an Orbiter representative operate the machine on testing days. This is an easy low-cost service that ensures accurate lap counts. Call for a quote. (2) Purchase a system. It is so easy to use anyone can make it work. Either way you control pass and fail as the times are confidential. Orbiter does not keep a record of the test unless you want one for yourself. Orbiter never keeps a copy and since the system is localized and secure the CLOUD is not used. Lap Count results are near instant so you can call out to participants the number of laps they have left. The latest split time is shown for each participant on the screen so you know their predicted finish time and can call out to “Step It Up!


Seeing is believing.  Call or email us for an onsite demonstration.  or 253-627-5588.

Military PT Training with One Orbiter is all that is needed.


Permanent mounted Orbiter on pole next to track counts laps and time 24/7. Can also be mounted permanently on indoor track.

Permanent Mounted Orbiter RFID Reader

As runners pass the start/ finish line the times are shown on optional LED as they pass each lap.

Orbiter times displayed on electronic readerboard as they pass the finish.

In the warm up area, the optional results display detects individuals standing in front of the display and automatically displays run lap time and history.

Orbiter race info displayed at warm up area.

Orbiter Physical Training and Testing Software is customized to your line of service (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines). Drop down menu includes rank headings. Shown here is an example for the US Air Force:

Reports of Military PT training created from Orbiter software.

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