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Non Profit Fundraising

Fundraising schools & events: Call us at 253-627-5588 to learn how the Orbiter Fund Raising Formula can allow you to raise more funds for your nonprofit. When you follow our method, an average event for a school of 500 students raises $ 30,000. Our record is $ 144,000 and the lap counter is just one key. To raise this kind of money, there are small nuances implemented to do it. This knowledge comes from our adviser who has been raising money for schools over 30 years. The key is more than a fundraising Web page is available that allows each participant to track the money they have raised, and email family and friends. Call us to learn our secretes.

Examples of Non Profits that Use Orbiters to Raise contributions::

https://www.ultrafunrun.com (For PTA School Walk a Thons.)

http://www.hopeontheslopes.org (For the American Cancer Society ski events for over 10 years.)

http://carvingforcritters.org (For Animal Shelters.)

The Orbiter Lap Counter is just one key to providing good results quickly and accurately. You can ruin your event if you don’t make it easy for your volunteers and your participants get quality results quickly.

Here is why: 1. The method depends on “Teams” and recognizing people both for Team Performance and Money raising performance. Awards on the day of the event must be quickly handed out for each. Only Orbiter provides you the results for Team performance, and more.

2. Runners demand quality chip timing results. Only Orbiter provides your volunteers the ability to provide these results easily, with only 3 minute set up. Other chip timing systems take 30 minutes to set up and are complicated.

3. Only Orbiter is versatile enough to meet your set up needs. Orbiter can be positioned for the start and then moved with in minutes and driven to the finish 5K away. Then operate flawlessly. It only takes 17 minutes for an athlete to run a 5K. No other system can do this.

4. Orbiter does not require a real time connection to a computer. Call for references…Over $100 million has been raised by Orbiters over the last ten years by Non Profits. So easy to use, You can do it!


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