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Triathlon & Multi-Sport Timing

Triathlons and Multi Sport Event Races

Now Orbiter has opened up the Triathlon market so for the first time “Anyone Can Time a Triathlon!”

This includes the Military MWR, YMCA, Clubs, Schools, and Churches.

Time Triathlons and multi-sport events with various segments a snap with Orbiter side antennas. Easy to set up around a pool, parking lot, anywhere because there is no mats or cables and generators necessary. We will help guide you in the set up to meet your needs. For example, we have 9 ways to set up transition boxes, such as ABAB shown as just one option. Easy to use robust software that works as a tool that is easily customized. Just set the Orbiter down at a detection point (Start / Finish, or Way Point) and “turn on”. Then start your race with a “Start Tag’ and off you go.

Software set up can be done later during or after the race. All setting may be changed using “Reprocessing” so there are no worries of losing a race. The original tag detects are kept inside your detectors on a FIFO basis so you can always recover the original. This means the laptop or table timing computer may broken and your race is still safe. Just get another and redownload the data automatically. And, there is no IP configuring necessary just turn on the machines and they auto-connect. This feature makes so anyone can time a Triathlon.

Dual T-Mobile data cellular and Wi-Fi assures easy set up even if the Transition points are far away.

Chip time starts, Wave Starts, and Interval Starts are all possible. Mixing and maxing events too. Even winter multi-sport events. Add Cross Country Skiing, Kayak, paddle board you name it. Timing a Sea to Ski with 8 or more segments is possible too.

Here is an example of the level of detail provided by Orbiter to ensure your Triathlon has all the timing bells and whistles. (Remember, transitions times are optional too.) And, using pools are easy as shown in the attached pictures.. These are great back-ups if your lake is level is low due to drought, or the heath department has closed the lake due to high levels of bacteria. For run and bike laps triathlons can be used in confined urban spaces.

Robust software for setting transition times is important to auto correct too many tag detects in the transition box. For example, in this example below, the max leg time is set to 10 seconds. This is set to the fastest a competitor can transition the box, and thus this eliminates tag detects that are less than 10 seconds. Also, note the diagram ABAB for the box set up. There are nine different box layouts possible including using two separate transition boxes. There is a tool that sets “decay time” which allows a participant to go back into the box to get an item like a water bottle they may have forgotten. Then come out of the box again with the transition time to include this going back and forth without impacting the time of the next segment. Also, not each transition box min leg may be set independently of each other.

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