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Worlds' Best Lap Counting with Split Times
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    Worlds' Best Lap Counting with Split Times
    Send Remitance to: Orbiter Inc., PO BOX 295, 105 112th St S, Parkland, WA 98444
    Physical Address: Orbiter Inc. 13500 Pacific Ave S. Parkland, WA 98444

    $ 1,995 timing hardware and $ 650 for software.

    600 locations Nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska utilizing PeopleReady Same price anywhere in the USA. Since 2006, making it easier for local & National Event Managers.

    School PE Lap Counter, PTA / PTO Rentals for Fundraising, Mile Run Test and Cross Country

    RFID makes student lap counting easy and stress free. 

    Barcode scanners teach kids how to wait in line.  Barcode causes stress and headaches from concentrating on scanning students one at a time.   With large classes, barcodes may require two to four parents to help scan kids.   After two years of use, teachers look to Orbiter as an alternative.  Orbiter is the intelligent choice.

    Orbiter sells thru Grainger.  They will get your system financed.  Grainger is pre-approved for purchase orders at your school. 

    Renting an Orbiter for PTA / PTO walk run events is popular. This makes your event simple and fun. Saves you $ 1,000 on average per event over hiring a Timer. So easy to use anyone can do it.  If you are a teacher, Orbiter will help you get your system financed.  

    See more at ezfunrun.com

    Student Lap Tracker. Orbiter RFID School Walk-A-Thon

    Orbiter can detect and tag as far as 20 feet of distance. 450 students may be detected per second.

    Orbiter used for schools physical education

    “We just finished our annual Walkathon and it has helped us raise $ 300,000 these last 5 years! Kind Regards a Very Happy Orbiter User, Kevin Flurry Director of Development Pan American Christian Academy” Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Making Orbiter works for school PE Walk – Runs & “Mile Run” Training and Test is as Simple as 1, 2, 3 !

    1.Issue tags by roster number to students. For PE Walk Runs associate names to tags. For “Mile Run” associate only Roster Number. Tags may then be used again in successive tests. Only Orbiter tags may be traded between students. This for fast and easy ‘Mile Run” training and testing. Train or Test a whole school of 650 students quickly.


    2.Click “Start” button on tablet; Or choose “automated chip time self-start”.


    3. In real time, call out number of laps, split times, and/or finish times from a tablet. Or you can download at your office later!


    Collect the tags by roster number order, then re-issue to the next class period.


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