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School PE Lap Counter, Mile Run Test, Fundraising, and Interval Training with cell phones, tablet and your school computer.

Use Orbiter for your mile run test, daily mileage running programs, interval training for track, fundraisers, and etc,. Students can run in mass and free flow past the Orbiter reader without them needing to hold up bar codes to a scanner/camera without pause or slowing down. This is made possible by our patented wireless electronic wrist bands that allow racers to run and get scanned by Orbiter with no need to pause.  See on your cell phone near real time results and call out lap counts to students. 

New this year is the Virtual method where kids can participate from home.  Call to learn how this works.  Thus, you have the option of Virtual or Traditional. 

For the Traditional method our wrist bands are guaranteed for 5 years. On an annual basis in the similar price range as barcodes. Alongside with the wristbands, Orbiter runs on a localized or CLOUD design.  This means teachers may use their cell phones and their own school computer. 

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Student Lap Tracker. Orbiter Free Flow RFID School Walk-A-Thon

Schools can use this system for six School needs: (1) PE Class lap counting, (2) Mile Run Test, (3) PTA / PTO fund raising, (4) cross country races, (5) interval track training, (6) and Split Times. This is especially good for training large number of students for Mile Run in preparation for the final State test. The system is flexible with its reusable easy-to-trade RFID tags, making it easy to test between students in different races. It can also catch cheaters by viewing split times and minimum lap time. This enables a fairer race via accessing results in real time. It can even count mass number of kids all at once from the beginning of the race.

Teachers can track students’ laps automatically and get physical education results in real time from a tablet with the option to download to a computer later.

Orbiter can detect and tag as far as 20 feet of distance and able to do so at the speed of light. Over 250 students may be detected per second.

It can also provide great motivation for kids with the sound of a ‘magical’ beep as they pass our SPIRE RFID reader.

Use the unique “Clone” software feature, and you can test groups with back to back tests using the same tags traded by roster number. All this with just 4 key strokes.

New for 2019 – First, Mile Run Training. Mass Starts, Quick Results, No Stress Testing of the whole school, catch cheaters using split times and min lap time settings. Second is the Track and Field Interval Training using splits and setting goals. As reference, Olympic Coaches use Orbiter for training.

For Outdoor and Indoor Use:

Orbiter used for schools physical education

“We just finished our annual Walkathon and it has helped us raise $ 300,000 these last 5 years! Kind Regards a Very Happy Orbiter User, Kevin Flurry Director of Development Pan American Christian Academy” Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Making Orbiter works for school PE Walk – Runs & “Mile Run” Training and Test is as Simple as 1, 2, 3 !

1.Issue tags by roster number to students. For PE Walk Runs associate names to tags. For “Mile Run” associate only Roster Number. Tags may then be used again in successive tests. Only Orbiter tags may be traded between students. This for fast and easy ‘Mile Run” training and testing. Train or Test a whole school of 650 students quickly.


2.Click “Start” button on tablet; Or choose “automated chip time self-start”.


3. In real time, call out number of laps, split times, and/or finish times from a tablet. Or you can download at your office later!


Collect the tags by roster number order, then re-issue to the next class period.


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